Jonathan Wilson

JW PortraitJonathan Wilson is a dynamic young artist with a bright future.

Heavily influenced by post war Modernism Architecture, his early artwork is dominated by large, block tones and square brush strokes that produce dense, somewhat melancholic images.

After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2004, Jonathan participated in a number of succesful group and solo shows in Scotland before undertaking several large commissions for private clients in Scotland, Germany and Dubai and winning the Philip Reeves Award for Painting & Printmaking in 2008.

Looking for a new direction, in 2013 Jonathan moved to Sydney and was immediately inspired by the City's immense energy and sense of optimism.

His new work is a complete departure. Whilst the post-modernist block-tones and brush strokes are still evident, his colour palette is now bright and optimistic. The resultant work is imposing and uplifting, conveying movement and light in a way that demands attention. "Influenced by my new environment, I seek to depict the discovery of natural beauty, light and colour in a simplified, semi abstract form".