Colin Sweeney

Colin Sweeney was born and educated in Hobart - where he studied drawing and photography at the University of Tasmania before moving to Sydney and staging his first solo exhibition in 1991.

Whilst resident in Sydney, Colin undertook further study at the Julian Ashton School of Arts, where he developed an explorative approach to the creative process. However, it was not until he moved to Cairns in 1996, that experimentation truly became the cornerstone of his art practice. A youthful exuberance in the Cairns art scene at that time, providing him with the impetus he needed to produce a series of new and inventive works.

Now based on the Gold Coast, Colin continues to investigate new directions through a layered process involving the pouring of colour drenched varnish. Through this luscious, fluid technique, Colin captures his ever-changing environment as a coalescence of vibrant colours and shapes.