Debbie MacKinnon

Debbie MacKinnon at workDebbie is passionate about seeing things in a new way in her artwork - looking for the elusive ‘spaces in between’...

Since moving to Sydney from London in 1994, she has developed her own unique style of painting and continues to find inspiration in the stunning light and colours of Australia. Her fascination with the concept ‘nothing remains static’ is reflected in the multi-layered nature of her paintings. Her work combines elements of both drawing and painting to create distinctly contemporary works.

Debbie is committed to at least one daily drawing - using her left hand although she is a right hander. This keeps her work lively and fresh, and moving in unexpected ways.

Debbie lectures part time at Billy Blue College of Design and runs regular workshops at her studio in Sydney. Her work is in private collections in Australia, France, Switzerland and the UK. She was a finalist in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2011.