Robyn Kennedy

Robyn KennedyWith a lifelong interest in design and the decorative arts, Robyn’s appreciation and enthusiasm for unusual textiles and finishes was piqued by her involvement in the interior design industry in the mid 1990s. It was then that she was inspired to use these wonderfully diverse materials to create unique contemporary artworks.

In the ensuing years Robyn has developed her individual style and technique, melding beautiful textiles, photographs, fine metallic thread and numerous other forms of embellishment into her work.

These highly detailed works are created on paper or canvas and incorporate materials which range from antique, hand stitched wedding gown fragments to hi-tech contemporary textiles, timber veneers, papers, photographs, fine metallic thread, found organic textures, feathers and jewels.

In a world seemingly brimming with mass produced goods and digital imagery, Robyn is ceaselessly motivated to create her highly eclectic pieces, exhibiting beauty, harmony and exceptional craftsmanship.

Since she started exhibiting in the late '90's, Robyn's work has appeared in over 25 solo and group exhibitions and now hangs in private collections around Australia, the United States and Germany.